Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Nemčija


Evropska gledališka konvencija / European Theatre Convention

on programme

12. 5. 2021. On-line

“You write, we play!” is a digital theatre project, born out of the pandemic.

Twice a month, the Staatsschauspiel Dresden invites its audience on Instagram to participate in a small performance. The users provide various terms, words, and phrases, based on which a dramaturg writes a text that is then performed by our actresses and actors. All that happens within a few days between receiving the terms and filming the performance in one take.

For the ETC-project “Renaissance”, the Staatsschauspiel Dresden asked Instagram users to comment on the theme of “Renaissance”. 62 people participated and head dramaturg Jörg Bochow selected 47 terms for his brand-new text, including: Justice; Humanism; Central perspective; Theatrical death; Rebirth; Neo-Renaissance; Spirit; Michelangelo; Individualism; Oxblood Red; Canals of Venice; Glimpse of Light…


Staatsschauspiel Dresden - Germany

Text & Dramaturgy: Jörg Bochow
Camera: Diana Stelzer
Sound: Julian Preisser
Post-production: Désirée Noffke
With: Henriette Hölzel and Jannik Hinsch

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