Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

Théâtre de Liège, Belgija


Evropska gledališka konvencija / European Theatre Convention

on programme

17. 5. 2021. SNG Nova Gorica, foyer

Théâtre de Liège has called on the Karyatides to reply to the Renaissance project. This company, whose performances are open to every age, is part of the partnering programme of the Théâtre de Liège. Based on literary classics, the Karyatides develop a theatre of figures, combining puppetry, object theatre and music. They play with the commonplace, the cliché, thus provoking quirkiness from which poetry flows.

Théâtre de Liège - Belgium

Written by Les Karyatides inspired by Rabelais
Directed by Karine Birgé
Produced by Les Karyatides & Théâtre de Liège
Music: Gil Mortio inspired by Vivaldi
Dramaturgy: Robin Birgé
Camera: Pierre Choqueux
First Assistant Camera: Colas Besnard
Light Design: Karl Descarreaux
Costume & Props: Claire Farah
Sound: Bruno Swheisguth
Editing: Gil Mortio
Grading: Pierre Choqueux
English Translation: Andrew Norris
Subtitling: Samir Bakhtar
Executive Producers: Cécile Maissin & Marjorie Gilen

The Queen: Marie Delhaye
The King: Cyril Briant

Special thanks to: Julien Sigalas & Studio Stempel, Félicie Artaud, Antoine Blanquart, Cyril Bibas, Guillaume Istace, Jérémie Lamouroux, Agnés Limbos and Theatre la montagne magique.