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"For the "cicibans" about Ciciban - a play with music"

Oton Župančič

The Bubbles

A baptismal production

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  • Assistant stage manager
    Boro Vujičić *
  • Prompter
    Katja Robič*
  • Light master
    Marko Polanc


12. December 2003

about text

he Bubbles by Župančič - who among us does not harbour pleasant memories of them? The little ones of today listen to them and read them with the same enthusiasm as our grandmothers did in their youth. Yes, Župančič's poems for children are so cheerful, light, warm, charming, witty, interesting and "fit children to a tee" that it is hard to believe they were first published back in 1915 in the midst of the craziness of the First World War.

And who among us does not know Ciciban, Župančič's little hero, a bit naughty but kind-hearted and honest, surprised by and loving to all creatures, big and small? A small boy that a little bird once called Ciciphey, until he washed in a clear stream and became Ciciban once again? Ciciban that we have loved so much that every little child has been called his name?

And to all these small children, the cicibans, we give The Bubbles; a performance rich with elements from the puppet theatre, created by Primož Bebler. The poems, which with their rhythm and onomatopoetic sonority conjure the softness, the feelings, the emotions, the colours, the sounds and movement of animals, children, blacksmiths, bells, wind, a cradle in which a baby sleeps, mother's loving voice etc., call for music - a task entrusted to "an old theatre hand" Mirko Vuksanović.

in media

It is hard to say, who was more delighted to see The bubbles, the parents or the children. One thing is clear, though - when they left the theatre they were all glad. Klavdija Figelj, Primorske novice, 16th Dec. 2003

As gentle as soap bubbles, swathed with soft sensitivity and imagination, and rich with sonority - not even two-year olds were bored for a single second by this performance...In short, a wonderful interpretation of Župančič's The Bubbles, pleasing to all cicibans, big and small! Iva Koršič, Novi glas, 18th Dec. 2003

The actors were not alone on the stage - the creators of the performance effectively used the elements of the puppet theatre as well. The mellow sounds, which invoked components of the musical theatre, rhythmically varied, harmonious and melodious, are the work of the composer Mirko Vuksanović. /.../ The director decided to have a "combined" cast, in which the joyful tasks of acting and singing, but also the stability of the performance are vested in the jovial and harmonious Ana Facchini (Hummana), Marjuta Slamič (Frogjuta) and Alida Bevk (Chirplida) and the child-like ingenuous directness and playfulness in the different peers of the children in the audience. Slavko Pezdir, Delo, 17th Dec. 2003

...And the magic happens, creating emotional states, the voices in the song come from the meadows or puddles, fly down from the sky or are carried in by the wind. The song is suddenly free. This time it turned into a charming theatre moment - or rather ten - creeping out from The Bubbles in the book, awakening from deep sleep the enigmatic world of nature and spirit.
A performance with strong interpreters, staged in Nova Gorica, bewitches primarily with sets and costumes by Emir Gelj. Both are based on the well known book illustrations of The Bubbles by Marlenka Stupica. Composer Mirko Vuksanović linked each of the little poems to a particular music style, thus adding indispensable sonority to the performance. The performance is iridescent, it moves, grows and its creation is forever new, without stagnation and delays. Magda Tušar, Radio Slovenija I, 13th Dec. 2003

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