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Helena Peršuh, Primož Pirnat, Bine Matoh; foto Foto atelje Pavšič Zavadlav

David Rabe

Those the River Keeps

Those the River Keeps

A shocking melodrama about entirely ordinary desires

First Slovene Production

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26. January 2006

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An erstwhile member of a violent gang decides to live a new, different, ordered life after he is released from jail. His wife supports his efforts, but they differ in one key point of their vision of idyllic new life: she passionately wants to have a child and he absolutely refuses it. Two things further escalate tension: the wife's friend that he believes does not like him and a mysterious colleague from the past, who is trying to lure him back to the exciting trails of crime ...
David Rabe, a contemporary American playwright, screenwriter and novelist will be introduced to Slovene audience for the first time with his play Those the River Keeps (1991) in which he researches the psychology of a quartet of independent characters, similar to the ones that have since become quite commonplace in our milieu. Rabe's writing is extremely intense, intelligent and - despite the uneasiness we feel because of his uncompromising psychological vivisection - also funny.

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Festival SKUP, Ptuj, 2008

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  • 14. 02. 2008 at 20.00. Kulturni dom Domžale
  • 15. 02. 2008 at 20.00. Kulturni dom Domžale
  • 03. 03. 2008 at 20.00. KD Franca Bernika Domžale
  • 04. 03. 2008 at 20.00. KD Franca Bernika Domžale
  • 29. 05. 2008 at 20.00. SKUP festival, Ptuj
  • 08. 07. 2008 at 21.00. Festival Kluže
  • canceled
  • 02. 03. 2021 at 12.00. On-line