Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

Rafael Spregelburd


A philosophical comedy

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21. May 2015, SNG Nova Gorica

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In Las Vegas, the city of chaos and money, in a road-side motel, in its run-of-the-mill rooms that only differ in the view from their windows, we meet five people intertwined into different stories. Five actors play a total of twenty-three roles in five different stories: about five gamblers trying to figure out the rules of the roulette; about three police officers, two of whom are lovers; about a mathematician, his second wife, and his son; about a narcissist actor and his disabled sister; about two eccentric art dealers who are trying to sell a faded painting for several million dollars. The mathematician has supposedly solved the Lorenz equation; the theory of chaos becomes the linking element to show the connectedness of all the stories and characters in the comedy following the »butterfly effect«. In the end, the stories don’t flow into one, but rather remain unfinished, unexplained, just like the chaos we live in remains unexplained. But this apparent chaos hides the connectedness of each individual with others, of each individual with everything, and waits for the final solution, or the end of the world, also foretold by the theory.
With his lively, but extremely socially critical comedy (part four of the Heptalogy of Hieronymus Bosch, a cycle of seven plays whose titles allude to the seven deadly sins) Rafael Spregelburd (1970) has written a piece that topically aligns with this time when almost all of us are questioning the stupidity of our actions linked to money. Does this entire story with money still have any meaning at all, objective, goal, or is it truly clear to everyone that it’s pure human stupidity without serious reasons or meaning? The author, who lives in Buenos Aires, is a writer, director, actor, and translator: all his work is polemic and rejects stereotypes and current fashion. His plays have been performed in Argentina, Canada, and many European countries. He has won more than fifty awards, including Tirso de Molina (for Stupidity), Municipal, Argentores, Teatro del mundo and Clarin.

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Photo:  SNG Nova Gorica / Foto atelje Pavšič Zavadlav

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