Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica
Matija Mačus, Tjaša Bucik, Matija Rupel, Noemi Capuano, Riccardo Pastore, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Michal Rynia, Aurora Conte, Luka Vodopivec; foto Aljoša Kravanja

GO! Borderless

A dance performance

A baptismal production

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duration 1 Hour


MN Dance Company, SNG Nova Gorica, Mestna občina Nova Gorica, GO2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia, GECT GO / EZTS GO


14. August 2020, Trg Evrope - Piazza Transalpina, Nova Gorica - Gorizia

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Cross-border dance performance GO! Borderless thematizes the reality marked by the border between Slovenian town Nova Gorica and Italian town Gorica, which in 1947 was imposed on the population as an artificial barrier and changed its form and meaning over time. The performance tells the story of the history, present and future of fences that restrict human freedom, and asks about the challenges of mental boundaries and human rights in modern times. Once upon a time, along the barbed wire, the Iron Curtain, the destinies of people, young people in love, families, plans and dreams were broken and intertwined. Families were cut off where grandparents could not see their grandchildren growing up, barns were cut, cows ate in Italy and pooped in Yugoslavia, living and dead were cut, the town was on one side and the cemetery on other side of the border. Today, at a time of new reasons for closing borders, reflection on human freedom of movement is particularly relevant.

Dance performance as its language, in addition to multilingualism, of course uses movement, which, in summary of Karima Mansour’s thought, is our common language, a universal language that belongs to all. "Dance is where culture is shared and borders fall into the space of inclusion and unity, through the unspoken language of universality." Human freedom and the right to free movement are also universal, which is the guiding idea of ​​the performance and also the motto of the upcoming European Capital of Culture 2025, Nova Gorica – Gorizia, Go! Borderless, within which the project originated. With the magnificent scenery of the historic railway station, right on the border between Slovenia and Italy, there was a premiere, with a Slovenian-Italian ensemble of dancers, at the Piazza Transalpina, which symbolizes free border crossing and cross-border connection of two cities and several cultures.

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  • 14. 08. 2021 at 21.00. Trg Evrope, Nova Gorica