Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica

George Orwell


1984, 1949

Devised theatre project based on the motifs from the eponymous novel

Science Fiction

A baptismal production

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30. November 2022, SNG Nova Gorica

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The time in which Orwell created his novel was a time of ideologies, our time is the time of the capital. Our supreme commander, our Big Brother, is money and everything is subjugated to worshipping it. This Big Brother doesn’t offer ideological basis and grand words, as it rules over people with the help of surveillance capitalism principles, which, in Shoshana Zuboff’s definition, is conceived on the achievements of the technological revolution, whose basic building block is data. The abuse of personal data has become the driving force of the money making machine of the developed world, and it doesn’t only penetrate our lives, but also guides them and in that way turns us into ideal consumers or products of the neoliberal digital totalitarianism. As all totalitarianisms, this one, too, counts on our support and consent, it, too, needs a mass of enthusiastic followers whom it wants to reach regardless of individuality, morals or justice. It offers social networks, portals and podcasts, it allows us to play the Big Brother in our small worlds, to obsessively create illusions in our bubbles, it counts on our vanity which it used to seize control over our thoughts, wishes and interests and convinced us that we want all this ourselves, that this is our world and that we alone make decisions for ourselves. It doesn’t need spies or bugging devices to monitor us – we willingly comply.

1984 is an devised theatre project based on the motifs from the George Orwell’s eponymous novel, in which the acclaimed and award winning Serbian director, former manager of several theatres and a university lecturer Kokan Mladenović and his team of creators question the totalitarianisms of our time – from state totalitarianisms that still cling to the classical steps of propaganda and intimidation of population to those more modern ones that currently rule us. This will be the director’s debut on the Nova Gorica stage.


Can we, using “digital self-defence” revolt against the misuse of personal data or are we, just like Wilson Smith in Orwell’s world, simply beyond help?

Kokan Mladenović

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This performance doesn't have any called terms at the moment.