Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica
Urška Taufer, Gorazd Jakomini, Maja Nemec, Peter Harl, Jure Kopušar, Nejc Cijan Garlatti; photo SNG Nova Gorica / Foto atelje Pavšič Zavadlav

Astrid Lindgren

Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter

Ronja Rövardotter

Performance for children

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duration 1 hour and 20 minutes without interval



26. September 2017, SNG Nova Gorica

about text

Ronia, the beloved only daughter of the robber chief Mattis is born in a tempest night when a lightning bolt splits open her home, a robber castle, and creates an enormous chasm. When she turns nine, the northern part of the castle is settled by an enemy robber gang. Their chief Bork has a son Birk, who is Ronia’s age. Despite the great hatred that has been separating their families forever, a strong friendship develops between the two young bandits. But when their fathers accidentally learn about it, the children escape into the woods where numerous adventures await ...

The famous children’s novel Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, the author of the even more famous Pippi Longstocking, is a novel about freedom, tolerance and strong love which heals even insoluble conflicts. It was filmed, turned into an animation, and Annina Enckell wrote a theatre play which was just over a decade ago staged at the Celje People’s Theatre with great success. The play about the robber Romeo and Juliet will be directed by Juš A. Zidar, a representative of the youngest generation of Slovenian directors, and Branko Rožman, who has worked on several performances in our theatre in which music has played an important role, will contribute the score. The performance is geared towards children of the second and third triad of primary school, but the exciting story and  music will certainly make it endearing to adult audiences as well.

SNG Nova Gorica spodbuja razpravo uporabnikov o predstavah in o objavljeni vsebini na spletnih podstraneh predstav. Uporabnike pozivamo, da se pri komentiranju držite teme in upoštevate pravila govornega bontona. Tudi ostro kritiko ali nestrinjanje s posameznimi mnenji je mogoče izraziti brez osebnih napadov in žalitev. Neprimerne in žaljive vsebine bodo odstranjene.

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  • 26. 09. 2017 at 18.00. SNG Nova Gorica
  • 09. 10. 2017 at 17.00. SNG Nova Gorica
  • 10. 10. 2017 at 10.00. SNG Nova Gorica
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  • 21. 12. 2017 at 10.30. SNG Nova Gorica
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  • 30. 01. 2018 at 10.00. SNG Nova Gorica
  • 09. 03. 2018 at 17.00. SNG Drama Ljubljana
  • 10. 03. 2018 at 11.00. SNG Drama Ljubljana
  • 26. 03. 2018 at 11.00. SNG Nova Gorica
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