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Premiere 19. 4. 2022, SNG Nova Gorica

Age of Rage (2019) is a play by the Dutch playwright Jibbe Willems about the angry young generation that tries to be understood but also understand the world in which it lives. The protagonist is a rebellious and intelligent teenager who ends up in prison after an attack on a politician. Adults (teachers, police and the politician herself) ascribe her “fuming” to her age, to teenage angst, but the Girl is actually correct: the world is not just, and it was perhaps better when she was younger. At least for her. The Girl is just steps away from becoming a neo-Nazi, and the responses to her attack (in fact a cry for help) do anything but deter her from it.

Eight young artists approached the material through their personal experience and perception of anger, alienation from the community, intergenerational and racial problems. The production opens the questions of poverty, race, intergenerational clash and the attitude of the neoliberal policies towards the working class. Young people ask what their future will be, if it will be at all, after these times of exploitation, anger and hatred.

Veliki Mladi oder Amo

Translator and Dramaturg Nik Žnidaršič
Director Živa Bizovičar
Expert Consultant Lovro Zafred
Photographer and Author of Video Sašo Štih
Composer Janez Škrlec
Light Designer Matjaž Bajc
Project Manager Tereza Gregorič

Cast Jaša Savnik, Jernej Markelj, Lara Flander, Lija V. Vremec, Marjetka Puc, Mia Skomina, Sara Lisjak, Žak Župan Galunič


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