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Premiere 5. 3. 2020

A Dream Prom is a project written and created by young theatre artists who were, while creating the production, just before their high school graduation – the matura – and their actual prom in real life. The production premiered a day before their planned high school prom, which had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 prevention measures. We took the actual event and everything surrounding it as a starting point, while at the same time taking “the prom” and the matura (literally a “maturity” exam) as a metaphor for a farewell to the secondary school, teenage years and carefree living and the entry into the world of adulthood and responsibility. Each of the actors researched their character –fictive, yet in essence connected to themselves, their current conditions, interests and fears. Through the process, the actors researched the typisation of the characters and created a narrative through them, a story that takes place before and during the prom. A Dream Prom talks about the dreams of secondary school students, their best moments and their nightmares. They’re asking what the future holds for them and saying goodbye to their secondary school. Some are more optimistic, some more pessimistic, some just feel apathy. Although their prom is a “dream” one and thus in many segments pushed far beyond realistic frames, the content that the young people bring is honest, grounded and sharp.
The artists dedicated the production to their peers and also their parents. 

Director and Mentor Mojca Madon
Dramaturg and Mentor Tereza Gregorič
Set and Costume Designer Mojca Madon
Photographer Sašo Štih
Sound Designer Matej Čelik
Light Designer Igor Remeta

Oliver: Aleksandar Jovanovski
JJ: Hana Likar
Eliza: Neža Lozej
Roza: Taja Pavlin
Gabrijela: Lana Pahor
Patrik: Luka Seražin

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