Slovensko narodno gledališče Nova Gorica
Sunday at 17.00

Po motivih Pahljače Carla Goldonija


SNG Nova Gorica

Thursday at 20.00

Jean Cocteau

The Human Voice

SNG Nova Gorica

Friday at 20.00

Charles Dickens, Neil Bartlett

A Christmas Carol

SNG Nova Gorica

Video archive

  • Tutošomato

  • Tales from the Vienna Woods

  • Snoring Beauty

  • Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter

  • Animal News

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

  • Antonton

  • Baron Munchausen

  • Macbeth

  • For the Welfare of the Nation

  • The Trojan Women

  • Realists

  • The Seagull

  • Squabbles

  • The Beggar's Opera

  • Steel Magnolias

  • Shockheaded Peter

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Miha Petric

creations in our theatre

Season 2018/2019:

  • Composer, Ana Duša, Tjaša Črnigoj: Snoring Beauty (On Motives of Texts by The Brothers Grimm and by Leah Wilcox) - premiere 22. 11. 2018

Season 2017/2018: