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Jeton Neziraj

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Thursday at 20.00

Mihail Bulgakov, Nona Ciobanu

The Master and Margarita

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Mika Myllyaho


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Première 8 April at the SNG Nova Gorica

The younger members of the Amateur Youth Stage have created a performance about the fantasy novel Momo. This is a story about time that is always short, about friendship, consumerism, and things that are important, but we don’t take time for them. The creators tell the story, but time and again their own stories and relationship resurface. The story of a girl called Momo is gradually covered with their own experiences that reflect the themes from the novel.

The artistic ensemble: Hana Likar, Aleksander Jovanovski, Franc Kravos, Luka Seražin, Lana Pahor, Tanja Pavlin

Mentor Maja Poljanec Nemec

The artists would like to thank Človek Nemec, the porters and the SNG Nova Gorica